Republicans Push Back as Biden Admin Remains Confident Despite Low Immigration Approval Rating

by Henry Rodgers and Shelby Talcott

President Joe Biden’s administration is confident of its immigration policies as Republicans push back on them and a new poll shows a majority of Americans disapprove of how the border crisis is being handled.

Ninety-six percent of Democrats, 62% of Independents and 23% of Republicans said they approve of Biden’s work so far, an Associated Press–NORC poll released Monday shows. His overall approval is up 2% from an AP poll released in March with a 63% rating.

While these numbers were positive, Biden’s polling for his handling on the immigration crisis showed a far different result. Overall, 43% of those polled approve of Biden’s handling of this issue and 54% disapprove. Among Republicans, a whopping 87% disapprove of his handling and just 11% approve. Independents largely voiced disapproval as well, with 55% disapproving and 41% approving.

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