Relax Folks: The CDC, VUMC, Johns Hopkins Are All *Done*

by Karl Denninger

and so is all credibility for both Biden and Trump administrations when it comes to Covid and public health in general. Said credibility will not be regained for years, perhaps decades, until and unless people are held to account — which is very unlikely.

It will not be long before the TSA will have no choice but to lift their “mask mandate” as well, as will all other federal and state agencies.

Those who were foolish enough to listen to them despite the few, such as myself, warning that the science was actually on the other side for all these mandates and the shots will be stuck with the consequences.

There might be a few fathers left in this country. Maybe. If so it is my sincere hope that they hold people to personal account who inflicted these harms on their sons and daughters, of which there will be tens if not hundreds of thousands reasonably tied to these so-called “interventions”, including the shots, in the current and coming years.

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