Oldest Millennials Near 40

1 in 5 are single dads and more than 40 percent do not live with a family of their own.

from My Budget 360

A big portion of the baby boomer controlled media tends to talk about Millennials as if they are children or young adults. So it should be sobering to many to know that this year, the oldest Millennials are 39-years old. That is not a kid or a young adult. That is a grown person that is beyond the “adulting” stage but somehow the narrative continues to paint Millennials as young avocado toast eating hippies that need to figure it out pronto. Maybe this is a generational thing, but Millennials have faced bigger economic challenges than baby boomers. Housing seems to be the biggest issue given it consumes the largest portion of a household budget. The inability to buy a home is startling whereas many baby boomers were able to purchase homes with one blue collar job – now many households are facing the two income trap. So what can we gather from new data on Millennials as they reach their 40s?

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