Trillion Energy is Still a Screaming Bargain

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

After my last discussion with Trillion Energy (sponsor) CEO Art Halleran, I concluded that TCFF is the most undervalued stock in which I’ve invested in for the past 40 years. While the stock price has recently gone up nicely, I’m of the opinion that things are only just getting started. Art has masterfully negotiated a $17.5 financing facility that provides for an overriding royalty and a lending component, of which a small part is convertible into company shares. Thus he has avoided the major pitfall of so many junior resource stocks, destructive dilution. And Art had good reason, for the past four years he has taken his compensation in the form of shares. He’s a major holder of the stock, that’s how much he believes in Trillion. Now that the finance package will soon be closed on, Art is focusing on getting the drills in place to spud several new wells in the coveted SASB Gas Field. This will lead to major production and substantial cash flow. Let me repeat what I said before, “Trillion Energy is the best value play I have ever seen!”

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