Tech Tyrants Slam a Few Extra Nails Into Donald Trump’s Coffin

by Andrea Widburg
American Thinker

I have never forgotten — I doubt I ever will forget — Scott Adams saying in a 2019 podcast that the tech tyrants would ensure that Trump would not win again and, indeed, that no one who was not of their choosing would ever win the White House again. They’d slipped up in 2016 and learned their lesson. He was prophetic, and boy! did they learn their lesson. Facebook and its subsidiary, Instagram, having already banned Trump himself from their platforms, are now banning any content with Trump’s voice in it from the platforms.

As was the case with all the other tech tyrants, Facebook and Instagram banned Trump after January 6. They’ve kept that ban in place even though it has become absolutely apparent that Trump did nothing wrong on that day.

Actually, to smart people, such as American Thinker readers, Trump’s innocence was instantly apparent; to leftist ideologues, the only apparent thing is that no number of facts will ever change their faith-based beliefs about all sorts of things, including the Russia Hoax, Hunter Biden’s innocence, climate change, or the bizarre belief that Hannah Gadsby is a comedian.

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