Never Woke Enough – Obamas Blacklisted From Having School Named After Them

by John Nolte

The Woke Gestapo have succeeded with another blacklist. “A school in Waukegan, Illinois, will not be renamed after former President Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama, following protests from members of the Latino community in the city,” reports the far-left Newsweek.

Remember, you can never be woke enough.

Honestly, there are only two ways to avoid these Woketard Nazis. You can either comply 100 percent, which means you have to do things like memorize all 167 genders and snitch on friends and family, or you can tell them to go to hell. If you tell them to go to hell, they know you won’t be intimidated or bullied, so they move on to weaker targets. That’s it. Those are your choices. There’s no middle ground. If you try to halfway appease them, you are doomed.

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