Georgia Election Law Screamfest: Boycott Time

by Karl Denninger

Can we please shut up with the bull****?

And while we’re at it, let’s boycott Delta, Coca-Cola and MLB, all three of which have now made clear they support and want fraud.

The GA law, on the facts, does the following:

Makes clear that bribing people at the polling place is illegal. Duh. That’s been true forever. And it has been ignored in Georgia and other states for a long time. “Walking around money”, remember? The so-called “water ban” is no such thing; within 150′ of a polling place (the same limit for electioneering of all other sorts, I remind you) water sources can be provided only by official non-partisan organizations and must be unmanned. It has always been illegal to provide something of value in exchange for a vote. If I can hand out a bottle of water why can’t I hand out a cheeseburger? The “within 25′ of the line” constraint is beyond stupid to complain about; after you’re 150′ from the polling place if you want to set up a table with electioneering materials including food wrapped in your candidate’s banner that’s perfectly legal so long as it’s more than 25′ from the line of voters. If a voter wishes to come over to said table, truck or other place and obtain that material from you that is and remains legal. What’s not legal is to walk the line of voters handing out bribes, and yes, food and water can indeed be a bribe. It has value.

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