What Trump Derangement Syndrome Has Wrought

by Lauri B. Regan
American Thinker

At less than 100 days in, Trump-haters have imposed growing disasters on the country. Trump-hating voters cared about one thing and it wasn’t the success of Operation Warp Speed, a strong economy, or peace in the Mideast. Bad Orange Man must go, the country, our kids’ and grandkids’ futures be damned. And we reap what we sow.

The 46th President of the United States Joseph Robinette Biden began by signing an unprecedented number of executive orders designed to bypass the legislative process (including job killers and open borders). He signed the hyper-partisan “Covid relief package” proving that he has no interest in unifying the country. He actually boxed out Republican voices in the negotiation process resulting in a true moderate, Susan Collins, wondering why Biden “would want to alienate” Republicans willing to work with him. In between we’ve barely seen the president while he hides behind Harris and Dr. Jill.

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