The Washington Post is a Propaganda Organ for War

by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

The Washington Post has been long regarded as a CIA asset. That does not mean it is, but whether it is or isn’t, the Washington Post behaves as one.

Consider its March 26 editorial. The Washington Post champions Alexei Navalny, “an irrepressible spirit” attempting to rescue Russia from Putin’s corruption and dictatorship, despite being “in Mr. Putin’s crosshairs” (notice “Mr.,” not “President”) and surviving the Russian security service’s attempt to kill him with a deadly nerve agent.

The Washington Post describes Navalny as locked up in a “notorious prison on trumped-up charges, suffering from an ailment” (allegedly neglected by the authorities, of course), poor food, and torture. The Washington Post warns the Kremlin not to arrange Navalny’s death from a lack of medical attention.

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