The Value of Spending a Few Dollars

by Karl Denninger

While it’s still cold/cool, do this.

Go around your home when it’s cold outside and feel around the perimeter of every door and window. Anywhere you feel cool/cold air coming in — any air movement or temperature differential at all — mark it with blue painters tape.

Do the same around your electrical outlets and similar.

If you have a basement do the same around the sill where the first floor and basement walls meet. There should be insulation there but feel around anyway and pay specific attention to where penetrations come through (e.g. the gas line, if you have natural gas, the dryer vent line, etc.) Again, mark anything where you feel air movement.

If the door threshold seals are worn or partially torn replace them. They’re cheap and on a frequently-used door will not last more than a year or so before the sweeping portion becomes damaged and no longer seals. Same with the weather stripping on the doors; most have a kerf that the seal goes into and take 30 seconds to remove and replace. If you have gaps around the doors that do not seal completely then get some silicone gasket or “corner seals”, cut to the appropriate size and fix that.

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