The Great Reset Is Just a MacGuffin for Total State Control

by J.B. Shurk
American Thinker

The United States has always presented a roadblock to the ambitions of globalist oligarchs through its one-two punch of a Constitution that clearly constrains the powers of government while empowering the people and an American culture that prides itself on representing the last, best hope for freedom on the planet. So how do you “reset” America so that it becomes just another socialist country controlled by an elite few? You undermine America’s freedoms by undermining her foundations. You go to war with the American people.

“White supremacy” is the socialists’ “yellowcake uranium.” It’s really that simple. You can’t start a war against society without an excuse, and you can’t engage in perpetual war unless the excuse chosen is so vague and illusory that it can’t possibly be vanquished. This has always been a particular talent of power-hungry socialists. They know how to engage their troops in endless battles by choosing inexhaustible targets: bourgeois materialism, carbon dioxide, hate, whiteness. It’s bloody (evil) genius! “We’re going to wage war against the middle class, natural air, bad thoughts, and skin color — that should keep everyone busy!”

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