The Foolish Bet We’ve Both Allowed and Made

by Karl Denninger

Look at the fence around the Capitol, and the National Guard behind same.

The cops in riot gear in Portland and elsewhere.

And the celebrities, health officials, union screamers and politicians all exhorting Americans of all stripes to roll up their sleeves for an experimental vaccine that was not fully tested in animals, was not fully dose-ranged in humans and instead of being put into a couple of thousand volunteers for a ten year period to determine if it produced durable and safe protection instead is being jammed into 100+ million American arms with threats of coercion now coming into the forefront.

What could possibly go wrong?

A Marek’s disease style disaster, for one.

What is Marek’s disease?

A virus that infects chickens, and which was greatly potentiated by leaky vaccines.

Don’t take my word for it. No less than National Geographic pointed this out in 2015.

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