Teacher Union President Who Led School Closures Spotted Dropping Daughter Off at In-Person Preschool

by Penka Arsova
LaCorte News

The president of the Berkley Federation of Teachers is coming under fire for sending his kid to private school while opposing the reopening of public schools.

The story: Matt Meyer, the president of the teacher’s union in California, was caught on video taking his two-year-old daughter to a private preschool. The video was posted online by a group called Guerilla Momz, who accused Meyer of hypocrisy.

“Meet Matt Meyer. White man with dreads and president of the local teachers’ union. He’s been saying it is unsafe for *your kid* to be back at school, all the while dropping his kid off at private school,” the group wrote in a tweet that linked to the YouTube video of Meyers and his child.

The group made sure to blur the daughter’s face in the video. The video also features a short clip of Meyers saying that “children do not keep their masks on.”

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