Soros-Backed Philadelphia DA Considered Helping Non-Citizens Accused of Rape, Murder

by Damjan Tutarkov
LaCorte News

The office of Democratic Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner has reportedly offered counsel on a number of criminal cases involving illegal immigrants and created a position for a special immigration counsel to help with those cases, according to new records.

The story: Krasner created the immigration counsel position shortly after being elected in 2017 and appointed former immigration attorney Caleb Arnold to the position, the Daily Wire reports.

According to the publication, the role of the immigration counsel was to help undocumented citizens avoid “immigration consequences” of some crimes. Under U.S. law, illegal immigrants who commit crimes are subject to deportation. The immigration counsel also worked with prosecutors on cases involving undocumented immigrants who commit crimes that are “not that serious,” as Krasner said in 2018, shortly after his election.

“In cases that are not that serious, but have very serious immigration consequences, [defendants] will be offered the opportunity to address their case on a similar, equally serious but not identical charge,” he said at the time.

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