Princeton Professor: No, Math isn’t Racist, but Wokeness is Dangerous

by Guy Benson
Town Hall

Let’s pick up where we left off on the never-ending wokeness parade. By now you’ve heard about the Dr. Seuss flap, as some of the iconic author’s “problematic” books are being discontinued – and the Biden administration omitted his name from a reading initiative. The Los Angeles Times’ write-up of the episode includes the following, surreal line: “The Cat in the Hat, one of Seuss’ most popular books, has received criticism, too, but will continue to be published for now.” For now. Don’t worry, cancelers, you’ll still get your shot at banning that legendary title, too: “Dr. Seuss Enterprises said, however, that it was ‘committed to listening and learning and will continue to review our entire portfolio.’” Buy his works while you still can. I don’t think I’m exaggerating. “We’ve now got foundations book burning the authors to whom they are dedicated,” Ben Shapiro quips. And the conflagration may grow larger.

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