Precious Metals Miners Setting Up for a Breakout Rally – Wait for Confirmation

by Chris Vermeulen
Sprott Money

Precious Metals have continued to slide sideways as the US stock markets have rallied into the FOMC meeting last week. Not by coincidence, metals have continued to base/bottom near recent lows as concerns about the global debt/credit markets, central banks, and precious metal supplies continue to linger. The US Fed indicated it will do whatever is necessary to support the recovering economy. The question my research team asks in relation to the basis for a move in metals/miners is “do the global markets believe the global central banks still have control of the underlying global banking/credit markets well enough to prevent another massive rally in metals?”.

This question should be first and foremost for precious metals enthusiasts. Recently, there has been quite a bit of concern related to a Silver Squeeze and COMEX deliveries.

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