NFT’s and Bitcoin to Oblivion with John Feneck

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

John Feneck sees one more turn lower for gold and silver. It hasn’t caught on yet with younger folks are going for cryptos, instead they’re going for cryptos. John is concerned about crypto viability due to their lack of market regulation. Several years we saw Ethereum go from over $100 to $1 in the course of a day. John trades Bitcoin via shares such as Overstock and Paypal. John is short the Russell, he thinks it’s had its move even if the economy is due for a bump up. It’s always value versus growth and value is coming back in vogue, after a very long hiatus. Newmont Mining is paying 4%.Its dividends and margins have grown substantially. Newmont is now making $700 per ounce on gold, a major cash cow. Big money will start to float into the sector, but it is taking its time.

John believes another silver short squeeze is probably inevitable. Right now the dollar is going higher, treasuries dropping and other issues that probably won’t allow it, but eventually those factors will shift and then we’ll see a major do over. All in all a stock pickers market.

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