Media and Activists Who Assumed Colorado Shooter Was White Had to Pivot When His Identity Was Revealed

by Damjan Tutarkov
LaCorte News

A number of blue-check Twitter users, journalists, authors, and actors were quick to assume that the Boulder, Colorado shooter who killed ten people, including a police officer, was a “white man.” Kamala Harris’ niece was one of the many who jumped to conclusions about the shooter.

Some reactions: Meena Harris deleted a tweet that read, “The Atlanta shooting was not even a week ago. Violent white men are the greatest terrorist threat to our country.”

She deleted the tweet and tried again, although many people disputed her claims in that Tweet as well.

[…] Other pundits and blue-checkers weighed in as well.

“Description: ‘Police have taken him into custody,’” wrote author Don Winslow, adding: “Translation: He was white.”

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