Make America Ugly Again: Biden Scraps Trump Order Requiring Classical Architecture

America was in real danger of buildings looking nice again

by Steve Watson
Info Wars

Joe Biden has scrapped an Executive Order by President Trump that required new Federal buildings to be built only in beautiful classical styles.

Trump’s order from December mandated that buildings be designed in only classical, Neoclassical, Art Deco, Georgian, Greek Revival, and Beaux-Arts styles.

The order was an attempt to stop the trend of government buildings being soulless brutalist concrete boxes (see above), rather than constructions reminiscent of the buildings of ancient Athens and Rome.

The order noted that the founding fathers “wanted America’s public buildings to inspire the American people and encourage civic virtue,” and that “They sought to use classical architecture to visually connect our contemporary Republic with the antecedents of democracy in classical antiquity, reminding citizens not only of their rights but also their responsibilities in maintaining and perpetuating its institutions.”

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