Lockdowns as Class Warfare of the Rich and the Professional Class Against the Working Class

by Thomas Lifson
American Thinker

A year after “15 days to flatten the curve” began our lockdowns, we have enough data to answer the classic question about lockdowns (which still exist a year later in many places, including much of California): cui bono? (Who benefits?)

The answer is, as an individual, Jeff Bezos. His stock in Amazon, the single biggest beneficiary of lockdowns, is worth billions of dollars more than before the lockdown. As a group: educated professionals, able to work from home via Zoom and other internet-based services and able to afford home delivery. The Ace of Spades pungently summarizes:

The general lockdowns weren’t general lockdowns. As a friend said, we didn’t have a lockdown, we had poor people delivering s— to rich people.

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