Joe Biden’s Mental Capacity is Diminishing Before Our Eyes

by Andrea Widburg
American Thinker

The worst kept secret in Washington, D.C. is that Joe Biden is suffering from serious age-related cognitive decline. In January, although some people predicted he would remain in office for up to two years before he was gently ushered out to make room for Kamala Harris, I looked at the man and thought he was going to be retired by June. Lately, though, Biden looks as if he’s heading for an April or May retirement. On Monday, he had his worst public appearance yet, when he was unable to remember either the name for his secretary of defense or the Pentagon.

Anybody who’s dealt with aging relatives unlucky enough to suffer from cognitive decline, whether Alzheimer’s or age-related senility, recognizes what’s going on with Joe Biden. Sally Zelikovsky wrote with great compassion about what’s happening in Biden’s life right now:

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