Joe Biden: Americans May Have ‘Small’ July 4th Celebrations ‘If We Do Our Part’

[Ed. Note: The guy’s brains are pure jell-o pudding at this point, but he seems to know what the state of the ‘pandemic’ will be four months from now… Pretty amazing, when weighed against the fact he’s clearly too stupid to remember what he had for lunch.]

by Alana Mastrangelo

President Joe Biden gave his first primetime address to the nation on Thursday night, in which he said that “if we do our part,” then “there’s a good chance” Americans will be able to have “small” events by Independence Day.

“This doesn’t mean large events with lots of people together,” Biden said.

“I need you to get vaccinated when it’s your turn, and when you can find an opportunity,” he said, adding he is urging all states to make all American adults eligible for a coronavirus vaccine by May 1.

The president also suggested that if enough people get vaccinated, then that will mean “there’s a good chance” Americans will be able to have small get-togethers for Independence Day.

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