Goodbye Personal Mobility

by Karl Denninger

The era of personal freedom is over.

I won’t live to see it finally die, in all probability, and if I do I’m not sure I will care. I’m 57; by the time it really matters I’ll be too decrepit to give a crap when all is said and done.

But my daughter, she’s ****ed. She’s talked about — and ordered her life — to be able to travel and enjoy both the country and, until the raving, rabid idiocy of the Coof-Karens started, other nations as well as a young woman. She’s done that because unlike 99% of the young “adults” today, who aren’t really adults at all, she’s figured out that “The land of the free” is an illusion and worse, not long from now she won’t be able to do those things at all.

It’s not that there will be “vaccine passports” and similar stupidity; no, that may well happen, but that’s not the problem.

It’s what you’re going to read about right here.

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