Don Lemon Slams Pope Over Same Sex Marriage: ‘God is Not About Hindering People or Even Judging People’

[Ed. Note: Dear Mr. Lemonhead, please consult Leviticus 20:13… And if Christianity isn’t your thing, this game gets even more fun and exciting in the Islamic world.]

by Virginia Kruta

CNN anchor Don Lemon claimed Monday that God was “not about hindering people or even judging people.”

Lemon, who is engaged to his partner Tim, joined ABC’s “The View” to talk about Pope Francis’ statement directing the Catholic Church not to bless same-sex unions.

“We learned that the Vatican said the Catholic Church won’t bless same sex unions, quote, ‘since God cannot bless sin.’ They go on to say this does not imply a judgment on persons,” Meghan McCain said, before putting the question to Lemon. “Do you think this sends a damaging message? How do you feel about that given that obviously you’re now engaged and going to get married?”

Lemon said he respected people’s rights to believe whatever they wanted, noting his own opinion that any set of beliefs that didn’t afford everyone the same rights was wrong.

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