Could Mt. Hood Be the First Volcano to Erupt on the West Coast?

[Ed. Note: In all fairness, burying Portland under 30 feet of ash might just improve the city. It’s almost unfortunate that this article is mostly nonsense doom-porn.]

by Michael Snyder
End of the American Dream

It is just a matter of time before one of the big volcanoes on the west coast erupts again. For years, I have been warning about Mt. Rainier, and I will continue to sound the alarm about it. When it finally goes, the death and destruction it causes could be off the charts. Of course there are other volcanoes along the west coast that we need to be watching as well. Although it doesn’t receive as much attention as Mt. Rainier, some experts are becoming concerned that Mt. Hood could soon erupt. On Monday, dozens of earthquakes shook the volcano for 45 minutes, and the USGS is trying to calm the frayed nerves of nearby residents…

A 45-minute “earthquake swarm” reported this week near Oregon’s Mount Hood has the U.S. Geological Survey offering explanations — and reassurance the volcano is not becoming more active.

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