Biden’s Presser Was a Scripted Event, Not a Presser

by Karl Denninger

If you watched the Biden presser you couldn’t have been more embarrassed for the alleged leadership this nation claims to have.

It was pathetic, including Joe’s comment about the filibuster and “when I was in the Senate”…. (who caught how many years ago he said he was there?)

But now it has come out thanks to some clever camerawork that the entire thing was scripted including who he was going to call on and in what order, and he had that order and the pictures of the “reporters” at the lectern!

In other words it wasn’t a press conference at all; it was a political speech put forward as a deliberate con job on the American people.

Maybe you all ought to consider what other con jobs of similar sorts have been run by both parties of late?

Masks work?

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