Biden Falling, Fraudci Lying, Magufuli Dying, Bitcoin Mooning!

by Jeff Berwick
Dollar Vigilante

“John Magufuli: The Cautionary Tale Of The President Who Denied Coronavirus”

Headlines like this one from BBC (British Broadcast Censorship) do not get more apropos. It of course refers to Tanzanian President John Magufuli (61), Africa’s most prominent Covid-19 denier, who has died mysteriously after:

  • Pointing out the scientific flaws in Covid testing by sending papaya and goat meat samples to be tested for Covid-19 in 2020. Big surprise they came back positive!
  • Accepting the EU bribe of 27 million euros to shut down Tanzania and then proceeding with his open border policy.

His death follows that Burundi president Pierre Nkurunziza (55) who expelled the World Hell Organization from his country and suddenly died of a “heart attack” after his continued reluctance to impose lockdowns and other Covid policies and expressing doubt about the safety of masks and vaccines.

Talking about missing presidents…

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