Why the U.K. Government Now Must, But Won’t, Abandon Lockdown

by David Campbell
The American Institute for Economic Research

Members of the Conservative Party have recently received an email from the Secretary of State for Health in which he proclaims himself ‘delighted’ that the Government has hit its target of ‘offering the Covid vaccine to residents in every eligible care home in England.’ His delight has been all but universally shared by the national media, with William Hague’s leading article in The Daily Telegraph claiming that the Government ‘has rediscovered how to succeed’ being representative.

All this, however, takes the level of incomprehension of the Government’s Covid policy by the media, the public and the Government itself to a new height, or depth. The setting and hitting of this target was possible only because the Government effectively suspended the policy of suppressing or even – it is amazing to say that one cannot be clear what the aim has been – eliminating or eradicating Covid-19 throughout the entire UK population.

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