Why It’s Good for San Francisco That Rents Dropped 29% to Multiyear Low, but They Haven’t Dropped Nearly Enough Yet.

by Wolf Richter
Wolf Street

The market is working on a solution to the “Housing Crisis” and “Exodus.”

San Francisco has long lamented its “Housing Crisis,” a phenomenon where housing – whether rented or owned – is so ludicrously expensive that middle-class workers, even if there are two in the household, can no longer afford to live in San Francisco, or have to spend so much of their income on housing that they’re effectively poor in every other aspect, and cannot spend money on other things.

So now the market is responding to this phenomenon: More people are leaving, fewer people are coming in, vacancies are surging, and rents are sagging, amid a massive churn by tenants who move to similar apartments for a lot less and get “three months free,” or who chase after the “free upgrade” to nicer apartments.

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