When the Eviction Bans End, How Many More Renters Face Eviction Than in Good Times? How Much Worse is it Now?

by Wolf Richter
Wolf Street

Actual rent collection data from over 11 million apartments and 80,000 single-family rental houses, compared to a year ago.

The CDC’s federal eviction ban was re-re-extended to March 31. Some state and local eviction bans have been re-re-extended further out. A number of internet surveys of tenants attempt to estimate unpaid rents and the number of tenants facing eviction after the bans end.

An estimate by the Mortgage Bankers Association yesterday, based on an internet survey of a few thousand renters, found that in December, 7.9% of them had missed or delayed a rent payment, or had made a reduced payment. From those surveys, it concluded that 2.62 million households across the US were behind in some form, and that landlords were owed “as much as $7.2 billion” in missed rent payments.

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