What Exactly is Ted Cruz Supposed to Do About a Snowstorm in His Home State?

Senators make laws, provide for the common defense, they don’t shovel snow or repair power grids

by Joseph Curl
Daily Wire

Here’s what a U.S. senator does: Make laws, authorize and appropriate federal funds, provide for the common defense and the general welfare, regulate commerce among the states and with foreign nations, declare war and maintain and regulate the military, impeach federal officers including the president, advise and consent to treaties and appointments of judges and federal officials.

For the record, a U.S. senator doesn’t do anything when a snowstorm hits his or her home state. If they happen to be home at the time, maybe they can help their neighbor shovel the driveway. And sure, they can press the White House to declare a state of emergency and dispatch federal money to help, but that’s about it.

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