Wake Up Folks: They Actually Hate You

by Karl Denninger

And I do mean “hate”, as in “want you dead.”

After all I’ve yet to hear of a murderer who loved or even liked the people he or she killed.

Think about this for a bit; let these facts roll around in your brain.

  • In 2019, the last year for which data is available, there were approximately 19,000 homicides. Of those about 14,500 were committed with firearms. Of those a huge percentage were committed by black people against black people, often related to gangs and drugs (disputes over territory, money, etc.) All of the homicides have a deceased but some homicides are excusable or even meritorious, such as a person who is killed while committing a rape. You’d think that non-murder homicides were rare, but they are not; about 15% of them are not criminal acts. That still leaves more than 16,000 people who were intentionally (or through gross negligence chargeable to someone) killed, each of which has a victim and a perpetrator and the latter, if identified, can and will be prosecuted.

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