Too Hot For YouTube’s Censors: The Greater Greater Depression with Doug Casey

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Options for getting out of Dodge. Uruguary is the best choice of a lot of bad choices. Doug Casey has visited over 155 countries and has lived in 10. The entire world is heading in an anti-freedom direction. People eventually vote with their feet. See Rhodesia before the fall. Panama is another possible choice. It’s a developing country with improving infrastructure. Roads and sidewalks will improve over time. Doug believes that you need to divorce yourself from the political system. It’s all lies. Sociopaths and criminals, but slick ones at that, are running the show.

According to Doug Covid is one of the great scandals and scams of all time. It’s a serious virus but it ain’t the plague. People’s response to Covid is indicative of their attitude towards life. Time to start living again and stop worrying. For people under 60 there’s little danger and for people under 30, virtually no risk. Doug observes that mask mandates are completely absurd. Perhaps even more indicative, it appears that Influenza has disappeared. Always remember, you can’t believe anything you hear from the media. It has corrupted science and will cause widespread disbelief in science as well as important studies and meta-studies.

What will come next? International travel is dead. It’s like trying to leave Saigon on the last helicopter after the Fall. The leaders are happy with the current state of affairs. In the year 2030 you’ll have nothing and you’ll be happy. All you can do is insulate ourselves. Try to be as wealthy as you can and hide.

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  1. “In the year 2030 you’ll have nothing and you’ll be happy”

    That is the manifesto of Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum members. “Build Back Better”. The only thing I will disagree with Doug is, this is a global movement and the Big Players will try and move the small players into their fold.

    Hell, even Iran is fast tracking their digital currency because they see the rest of the world doing the same. This will all go global and there will be few if any places not effected.

    Eventually people will get tired and as Gerald Celente likes to say, “when people lose everything and have nothing else to lose, they lose it”. So at some point in the future you will see a revolution around the world but that will take time until the masses realize they have been surrounded. That’s why the US Government is hellbent on banning weapons.

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