The Main Street Rebellion and the Coming Great Reset at War in the Markets

by Jeff Berwick
Dollar Vigilante

8 ways to annoy a Kanadian:

  • Beaver jokes
  • Accent jokes, eh!
  • 51st– state jokes and saying it’s only because the US decided not to take them over that they exist at all
  • Saying “how much is this in real money”?
  • Any criticism against their favorite hockey team (or Canadian beer)
  • Innocently asking what the Canadian army is good for…
  • Implying that Kanada is a “socialist” country with socialized healthcare
  • Openly and proudly professing your belief in fundamental freedom, your religion, your denial of non-binary identities, saying ‘all lives matter’, debating equality vs. equity, and admitting to being an anarcho-capitalist and loving it. Or just a run-of-the-mill kinda capitalist for that matter.

There are many, many more – but you won’t know aboot it(Kanadian pronunciation), because while Kanadians tend to be super judgmental, they are also massively passive-aggressive.

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