SLV’s Warning of Short Squeeze is a Ruse to Divert Buying From Physical

by Michael J. Ballanger

The recent changes to the prospectus for the silver exchange-traded fund SLV —

— represent a malevolent ruse to entrap the Reddit crowd by forcing a stampede into SLV in place of a stampede into physical silver.

Since the Achilles’ heel of the SLV/GLD frauds remains the ability or inability to access physical metal, the impact of any stampede can be controlled through the orderly (or pretended) purchase of metal after money has gone into the two ETFs.

However, if the stampede remains focused on physical silver, the custodians of the ETFs — proven felons and fraudsters like JPMorgan — will be unable to secure any supply, thus rendering them powerless to access physical metal and therefore powerless to set the price of the monetary metals.

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