Silver, SLV and Shell Games

by David Kranzler
Investment Research Dynamics

Many of you are familiar with the shell game street-scam, most commonly encountered in NYC, crafted to fleece money from unsuspecting tourists. As it turns out, it’s quite probable that the silver and gold bar custodial business is likely one big shell game.

“If the above 14 ETFs see continued investment inflows, they will all have to compete for the available silver in London which is not already held within these ETFs. And that available silver is at an historic low, some 3000 tonnes or so. A few more days of inflows like the ones seen over 29 January to 2 February would be a major emergency for these ETF providers, particularly the iShares SLV. Because there is just not that much physical silver left in the vaults of JP Morgan, Brinks, Malca-Amit, Loomis and HSBC, which is not already reported as being in these ETFs.

And lets not forget all the unallocated silver positions which are outstanding which are claims against the bullion banks for silver which they have not got. Anyone with deep enough pockets could now cause a serious run on the remaining available silver stored in London that is not currently attributed to the above ETFs.”

The quote above is from a must-read analysis by Ronan Manly on the rising shortage of “free float” silver bars in London and NYC bullion vaults – Houston, we have a problem: 85% of silver in London is already held by ETFs.

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