Parent Was Denied a Spot on San Francisco School Board for Being White

by Penka Arsova
LaCorte News

The San Francisco School Board decided against voting for the appointment of a white gay father over concerns that he would not bring enough diversity to the group.

The candidate in question is a man named Seth Brenzel. According to an online bio, Brenzel is an executive director of a Bay Area summer music school and a professional singer. He is openly gay, married, and the adoptive father of a mixed-race daughter.

The story: Brenzel was tapped to fill a seat on the board by the Parent Advisory Council, whose members unanimously endorsed him. His appointment was one of the items on the agenda during Tuesday night’s board meeting. According to a transcript of the meeting, the diversity of the group sitting on the council was mentioned even before Brezel’s appointment.

When a public speaker raised the issue, a representative for the council explained that two African American parents, three “Latinx” parents, one Asian American parent, a Pacific Islander parent, and three white parents are currently on the board. The representative pointed out that all of them are women.

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