Joe Biden Held Hostage – Day 34

by John Green
American Thinker

Joe Biden conducted the most anemic presidential campaign in history. Using COVID-19 as an excuse, he stayed off the campaign trail for months, limited press access, and held strange rallies with no voters in attendance. When he called a voter “fat”, and challenged Donald Trump to a fist-fight, we knew he was past his prime and his prime was never very impressive. Nobody has ever admired Joe for his intelligence, wisdom, statesmanship, or creativity. No, it was obvious he was merely a transport mechanism to deliver the White House to the political left — rather like a political trojan horse — with a “coexist” bumper sticker.

While we expected that a Biden presidency would have nothing to do with Joe Biden, I certainly didn’t expect it to look like this. Is it just me, or do his executive order signing ceremonies look like creepy hostage situation videos?

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