How I Learned That Grading Students is Racist

For just $30.90 you too can learn how inequitable grading can lead to “racist” policies and practices.

by Chrissy Clark
Daily Wire

Grading is one of the few aspects of teaching that educators have complete control over. Even with increased government oversight into the curriculum of schools and powerful teacher unions, a unified grading system has yet to be developed.

There is a movement to push for more “equity” in grading and it calls for more uniform standards. And, it wouldn’t be 2021 if denying these newfound uniform standards in grading was considered — you guessed it — racist.

In my course of research into “racist” grading systems, I came across the book “Grading for Equity” and the Crescendo Education Group (CEG). The book was written by Joe Feldman, who also runs CEG. Feldman was part of the Clinton Administration’s Department of Education as well. CEG is a consulting firm that partners with schools to help teachers create “equitable grading and assessment practices.”

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