Global Research Comes to the Defense of Donald Trump

by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

Global Research is an internationally read website that seeks truth and, thus, permits writers to hold the United States government accountable. The website’s assessment of President Trump has not been very accurate as Global Research tends to regard successive US presidents as tools of the military/security complex, Israel, and other powerful interest groups that punish the rest of the world for the benefit of Washington and Israel.

Nevertheless, the Democrats’ attempted frame-up of Trump on an impeachment charge for allegedly encouraging his supporters to “violently assault the US Capitol” has resulted in Trump’s defense from a website that wasn’t supportive of President Trump.

In a long article Emanuel Pastreich reviews the pros and cons of President Trump and finds that alone among recent presidents Trump made courageous attempts to represent the interests of the American people and to expose the self-serving agendas of the oligarchy that rule America. It is for these reasons that the ruling Establishment demonized Trump and removed him by stealing his re-election.

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