Coronavirus Medical Bills: America’s Next Financial Crisis?

by Ethen Kim Lieser

It really is a nightmare that can strike anyone and at any moment during this ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

One falls severely ill due to the virus and eventually needs extensive medical treatment at one or more hospitals for weeks or even months.

Coronavirus Medical Bills Could Be Massive

The end result? Hospital bills that can total a whopping $2 million.

That’s exactly what happened to one Phoenix-area man who started receiving bills from three different hospitals related to his mother’s and deceased father’s medical treatments related to the coronavirus.

“I was not expecting that,” Ricardo Aguirre recently told a local ABC news network affiliate. “Both my parents are U.S. citizens. They never in their life ask(ed) for any government assistance. They’re hard workers, and now they’re stuck with this enormous bill, and we don’t know what to do.”

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