China Denying Entry to People Who Took Pfizer, Moderna Vaccines

Officially, China has no specific policy for vaccinated travelers, according to Reuters.

Info Wars

China is reportedly denying entry to individuals who have taken the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, Adam Curry of the “No Agenda” podcast claimed.

Curry explained on his “Mark of the Mask” episode that his producer’s wife, who works at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, learned firsthand that China had severe travel restrictions for U.S. employees entering the country to help build a new park in Beijing.

“She’s getting asked to go help finish their new park in Beijing set to open this summer. Human resources gave her the rundown on what it takes to get into China right now,” Curry said Thursday (39:30 minute mark).

“And she says, ‘I’ll work backwards. When you get to China, you have to quarantine for two weeks in what is essentially a Chinese Motel 6 with Hall monitors. You can’t leave your room or they shout at you in Chinese, they bring you food every meal, you can’t go outside and you can barely do laundry.’”

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