Central Banks Still Can’t Afford to Be Too Candid About Gold Price Suppression

by Chris Powell

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

Our old friend C.W. took issue yesterday with the dispatch about the GATA-supporting analysis of Matterhorn Asset Managemenet’s Matthew Piepenburg, which was posted at King World News and which, your secretary/treasurer wrote, indicated that investors are starting to recognize that market rigging by central banks is especially directed against gold and silver:


C.W. wrote: “But isn’t that the whole point of the rigging? It’s so much more effective if investors recognize it is happening and who is doing it, which is why it is done on such a consistent and obvious basis.

“So I don’t think that the general recognition of the rigging means we are closer to its end. Rather, it means it will be more effective as investors realize they can’t win the battle with gold and silver and so invest elsewhere.”

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