Biden Has Awkward Interaction with Veteran Nurse

by Damjan Tutarkov
LaCorte News

President Joe Biden had an awkward conversation with a female medical worker in Arizona during a conference call on Covid-19 vaccinations Monday.

“Last question I have: How can we best support you and other frontline workers?” the president asked.

Brittney Hayes, a nursing supervisor, explained the vaccination process at the State Farm Stadium vaccination site in Glendale and said everyone has been supportive.

“That’s a great question. So, the collaboration that I have with FEMA, all of the other state — everybody that I’ve partnered with here, I get nothing but the utmost support and it’s been amazing to collaborate with everybody. They check in. If I need something, it’s done. They know that I’m trying to do everything to make this safe and efficient. So, support. Yeah,” Hayes said.

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