Analyst Chris Temple on the Best Trades for 2021

from Mining Stock Education

In this interview analyst Chris Temple of National Investor shares where he is seeing the best possible trades in 2021.  He also provides commentary on a range of topics such as the oil price, inflation expectation, mining stock picks and Ecuador as a mining jurisdiction in light of the recent presidential election developments.

Chris Temple is editor and publisher of The National Investor. He has had a more than three-decade career in various areas of the financial services industry. Temple is a ought-after guest on radio stations all across America, as well as a sought-after speaker for organizations. His commentaries and some of his recommendations have appeared in Barron’s, Forbes, the Dick Davis Digest, Investors’ Digest,,, and numerous other media.

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0:00 Introduction
1:04 Best trades for 2021?
3:36 Oil
6:22 Inflation expectations
14:40 Uptick rule and short selling
15:59 Small-cap portfolio positioning
18:52 Mining stock picks
21:55 Ecuador’s presidential election a risk to mining investors?