“You Will Never Get Out from Under the Mask”: Senator Rand Paul Predicts Masks Here to Stay

‘These people are never letting you not wear a mask.’ ‘The technocrats don’t want to give up control.’

by Adan Salazar
Info Wars

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul issued a dire warning about COVID-19 mask rules that are growing more stringent throughout the globe by the day.

In an interview with the Rush Limbaugh Show Wednesday, the Republican senator told guest host Todd Herman that masks are here to stay unless the people resist.

“These people are never letting you not wear a mask,” Paul warned, speaking of authoritarian medical tyrants. “You will never get out from under the mask.”

“I promise you, you will never get out from the mask,” he continued, “because they’re saying that even after all are vaccinated, we don’t know, you still might catch it a little bit, you still might transmit it, even after everybody’s vaccinated. So don’t listen to these people.”

Paul also refuted pointless moves by governments to stop the spread of coronavirus, pointing out infection rates continue to rise despite the mandates.

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