Yes, There IS a Crash Coming

by Karl Denninger

How do I know?

Because the shoe-shine boy bull**** is going on again.

Don’t get me wrong — I love the money to be made in the last phase of a blow-off like this and those with iron balls can make plenty of money on a crash too. Just be careful with anything that can get you in margin trouble and for the love of God do not short (or sell naked calls!) against anything spiking.

The two that have really gotten my attention of late are GME and BB. BlackBerry, as you know if you’ve read my column for a while, really does have something that the market is paying attention to now after several years. Chen has managed to turn the company into a security software suite powerhouse and while the wins so far are small in size the names he has those wins with are not. And — the firm is hiring, which nobody does when they’re in financial trouble (well, other than bankruptcy lawyers.)

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