Why the Right Will Neither Forgive nor Forget

by David E. Attwood
American Thinker

Traditionally, when one’s candidate loses the election for the presidency of the United States, feelings of anger and depression arise. It is in our nature to root for our team, our player and our candidate. It is quite natural to feel a sense of impending doom and uncertainty after a loss. After all, conservative voters generally vote based on which candidate they believe will support and implement policies that align with the Constitution, morals, and conservative values. Liberals on the other hand tend to select and vote for candidates based on emotionally driven needs and wants that are subject to change and often lead to disastrous policies with horrendous unintended consequences. This has been established in many studies.

So why then would it be different this time? After all, we would expect Trump voters to lick their wounds, suck it up, roll up their sleeves, and return to work in a patriotic fashion as conservatives always do. In order to answer that question, we must first answer another question: Why did so many thousands of individuals choose to take time off from work, spend considerable resources, and inconvenience themselves in order to visit the nation’s capital Jan. 6 for what is usually an unremarkable process of certifying electoral votes?

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