The Grip Tightens

by John Mauldin

This is part two of my 2021 forecast series. I began last week (you can read it here) discussing a three-handed alien race envisioned by science fiction writers Jerry Pournelle and Larry Niven. They had two regular hands and a third “gripping hand,” which though less dexterous, was far stronger. My analogy was that the COVID-19 vaccine has us in the Gripping Hand. Any forecast for 2021 must first consider this decidedly “known unknown.”

Today we’ll begin by looking at new virus developments, some of which are good, some very good, and some frightening. We (the entire world) are in a very tight race with dire consequences if we lose.

There’s a lot to cover, but before we jump in, a brief but important message. Since some of you missed the chance to join me in our most exclusive Mauldin Economics service in December, my partners and I agreed to give you another 72 hours to join the Alpha Society.

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