The Blob of Lies Collapses

by Karl Denninger

Fauci’s latest has been a real toofer.

First, he came out and told people to wear two masks.

The latest is the new panic porn screed — there will be a new strain that will evade vaccines.

Well, of course there will. Coronaviruses have never been successfully vaccinated against longer-term. Why not? Because they mutate too much, and they do it regularly and notoriously. If we could have figured out how to suppress them with a routine vaccine, given that they cause colds and flus and have forever, we would have done it by now.

But the real 900lb Gorilla in the room is that it’s over.

Look at North and South Dakota, Tennessee, Mississippi, South Carolina (just in the last week or so), Alabama, North Carolina, Arkansas, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, etc.

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